Oh My God! I Love Coach!

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. What follows are my own unprovoked and unpaid thoughts. 

There was a time when I thought Coach was the most glamorous brand in the world.

Many of you probably knew about the likes of Chanel, YSL, and Gucci long before me. Being the corn-fed Midwesterner that I am, I only knew Coach. I used to go to the outlet store in Fremont, Indiana (The outlet! Not even the real store!) and look at all of the beautiful bags, thinking one day I, too, could own a Coach purse.

At what I considered to be the fashion apex of my young life, I got two Coach wristlets for my high school graduation. This moment was eclipsed only by the time  I got pink jelly shoes in kindergarten. I would never be more fashionable than I was swinging that Tiffany-blue Coach wristlet. Or so I thought.

Somewhere along the line, I became disillusioned with Coach brand that had once made me an epic fashionista at high school commencement. Maybe it was because I went to college with sophisticated women who carried their books in a Goyard tote. Maybe it was because everyone I saw had a beat-up version of that coach bag with the jacquard C’s all over it. But whatever it was, I was far too cool for Coach for about a decade. Coach was in the same graveyard as Limited Too, Express, and Wet Seal– maybe cool when I was younger, but now far too amateur for me now.

All of this was before I went to the Coach store on Fifth Avenue a couple of years ago. This particular store had a giant dinosaur made out of purses right in the middle— one of the cooler things I’ve ever seen in store. It had a museum of Coach purses along the wall that really gave you a sense for how long the brand has been around. It felt updated, hip, and classic all at the same time.

“Hmm,” I thought to myself. “Maybe Coach isn’t so bad after all.”

In the months that followed, I saw a couple of my friends walking around with little dinosaur accessories from Coach, but wasn’t sure if I myself was a Coach kind of girl.

Remember that scene in Clueless where Cher is walking around thinking about her stepbrother, Josh, and in a moment of utter clarity (accentuated by a color-changing fountain right behind her) she realizes, “Oh my god! I love Josh!

Well after taking a look at Coach’s fall line, I had that same moment: “Oh my god! I love Coach!”

First there was this beautiful Dreamer bag that’s classic and whimsical all at the same time. It was sold out when I first saw it, but now looks like it’s back in stock.

Coach dreamer bag

Then there was this Rogue bag which is definitely one of the cooler totes/crossbody bags I’ve seen. It’s classic, but different all at the same time. I’m not sure I’m at the point of dropping 1K on Coach yet, but this design made me think about it.

Coach Rogue Bag

And finally, while we’re still seeing some of the expected C-print bags from Coach, there’s some totally unexpected designs, too. Like this crossbody-– unique, stylish, and cool.

Coach Swagger Crossbody

Anyway, my point is I think we all need to stop sleeping on Coach. It’s not just for discount shops anymore, and it’s definitely not full of those boring jacquard C-bags, either. But if you still like those bags you can still buy one– this time with an alien on the front. 

What do you all think? Are we in a Coach Renaissance or do you prefer to spend your bag budget somewhere else?

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