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  • #StrongNotSkinny: Progressive or Problematic?

    If you are a woman reading this blog, you probably have heard of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (BBG for short). Even if you haven’t heard of BBG before, perhaps you…

  • Bitchin’ Sauce: The Best Darn Thing Ever

    The PLM Report Card: Bitchin’ Sauce  Pretty: A+ (makes it easier to eat your veggies!) Low Maintenance: A- (easy to make, keeps forever, but requires some special ingredients you might not…

  • The First-Timer’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions

    The PLM Report Card | Eyelash Extensions  Pretty: A+ Low Maintenance: B- The topic I’m about to cover today is probably the most on-brand thing I’ve discussed on this blog to…

  • Film Cameras are the New (Old) Black

    The PLM Report Card | Film Cameras:  Pretty: A+ Low Maintenance: B (nothing beats the convenience of an iPhone) I went on vacation with my family last week, and I’ve made…

  • Sample Sale Survival: Notes from the Field

    The Report Card| Sample Sales Pretty: A  Low Maintenance: C+  Last week, I achieved a very important New Yorker milestone: I attended my first sample sale. Sample sales are basically the…

  • Don’t Buy This: $30 Mascara

    The Report Card| Diorshow Mascara Pretty: B+  Low Maintenance: D  Eyelash extensions are officially the new manicure. All the cool girls at my office are doing it, and they look amazing–…

  • Welcome to NYC: Our Haircuts are $300

    Welcome to New York. Home of concrete jungles, dreams both dead and alive, The Cronut, and… the $300 haircut. Now, before you go Googling the nearest Great Clips or bemoaning the…

  • Ban “Busy” (And What We Should Say Instead)

    I feel like I’m hearing a common theme lately when it comes to workplace conversation– can you spot it? “I’m so busy.” “I have so much going on.” “My calendar is…

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