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  • Bitchin’ Sauce: The Best Darn Thing Ever

    The PLM Report Card: Bitchin’ Sauce  Pretty: A+ (makes it easier to eat your veggies!) Low Maintenance: A- (easy to make, keeps forever, but requires some special ingredients you might not…

  • Film Cameras are the New (Old) Black

    The PLM Report Card | Film Cameras:  Pretty: A+ Low Maintenance: B (nothing beats the convenience of an iPhone) I went on vacation with my family last week, and I’ve made…

  • Dealing with Mice in Your Apartment

    I was about two weeks into my very first NYC apartment when I heard the sound no one wants to hear: the scurry of a small creature across a hardwood floor.…

  • The DIY Dirty Lemon Detox

    There’s this company that’s been around for awhile but recently starting showing up more on my news feed: The Dirty Lemon. The Dirty Lemon is a beverage company that makes detoxifying, beautifying…

  • Lazy Girl (Healthy!) Carbonara

    I mentioned that I’ve been trying to cook more lately.  It’s been a good experience cooking my own meals, but sometimes all I’m interested in is getting some comfort food with…

  • The No-Seamless Diet

    Nothing’s more misleading than saying you “can’t” cook. As my mom says, if you can read, you can cook. (So if you’ve made it this far, you’re already good to go…

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