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My brother always knows good music, and after he sent me Dog Years by Maggie Rogers I could not stop listening. Something about this song takes me back to early Indiana mornings watching the fog roll over the lake.

Relatedly, if you want to see the beauty of one artist discovering another and feel the appreciation, admiration, and awe that goes along with it, watch Maggie get discovered by Pharrell. Incredible.

I’m pretty into this series on Who What Wear, in which the author looks to build a solid Basics wardrobe on a budget. Very timely as I have recently donated half of my wardrobe in a pre-Spring Cleaning frenzy.

It’s a beautiful world out there, lest we forget.

Loved this post about going makeup-free for a month.

They’ve finally done it: wine-infused coffee. 

Dobby the baby giraffe made his debut to the public at the Denver Zoo. If this won’t make you smile, then I’ve got nothin’ else for you.

OK, I have one more for you: this insanely old post about American Girl Dolls had my sister and I rolling on the floor. We both loved Samantha, but neither of us ever asked for her because we thought she was a little too betchy. Turns out we were right!


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