Easy Mother’s Day Gifts For (Almost!) Every Mom

I am having a god damn week. And you know what I’m going to do about it?

Call my mom and complain.

My mom answers the phone almost 99.9% of the time within normal waking hours. If she doesn’t pick up, my siblings and I immediately assume she’s A) missing B) ignoring us C) desperately wanting to talk to us, but trapped under something heavy  (<– Name that movie!)

My mom will talk to me about nearly anything: what I ate for lunch, how I hate all of my clothes, a ridiculous Facebook post I saw, my anxiety about having anxiety… truly captivating conversation, I’m sure. She never hangs up on me, even when I put her on hold several times to pick up my dry cleaning or check out at the grocery. She’ll sugar-coat the truth and tell me she’s completely interested in hearing the unabridged dialogue between my landlord and me concerning the bug I found in my apartment.

I realized what we were putting my mom through when she went on vacation for a week, leaving my dad to field the 6PM phone calls from all of us on the way home from work. After about four days in, my dad couldn’t take it anymore.

“Are we killing you with these phone calls?” my sister asked him.

“Yep,” he replied. No sugar-coating there.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, so you have a few more days to order your mom a thank-you gift for bringing you into the world and then putting up with your nonsense.

Also, this post contains affiliate links from Amazon and Glossier.

OK, here we go:

For the mom who makes the best pancakes: These little measuring cups are just the cutest darned things she could have in her kitchen. And this one looks like an actual flower pot!

For the stylish mom who won’t put up with heels: Time Slippers look so cool, so chic, and so comfortable all at once. I’m mostly including them because I want a pair, but this is about your mom and not me. (But aren’t they cool? And wouldn’t they look great on me?! I know.)

For the mom who loves a good Sephora run: This mask set is divine, and if you shop with me you get 20% off!

For the mom who is mad about the EPA dismissing actual scientists: If you want a well-designed water bottle that isn’t necessarily a S’well, this copper one is beautiful and helps us all avoid plastic bottles.

For the brand-new mom: I’m a little out of my depth here, but you can’t go wrong with some of your favorite children’s books. My go-to list includes Goodnight Moon, Angelina Ballerina, and Bread and Jam for Frances.

For those without moms to celebrate: While your social media feed is being flooded by mom pics and sentiments about having “the best mom ever!” it’s easy to forget that this is a tough day for someone who has lost her mother, or perhaps doesn’t have a great relationship with her. If you know someone like this, make sure to give them a little love– I thought this article was helpful in outlining what to say (and what not to say!) in these situations.

For the mom who already has everything: You can never go wrong with flowers, or err on the side of an experience: a day at the spa, movie tickets, or a home-cooked meal (including clean dishes!) can go a long way.

Whatever you do, don’t just post a picture of your mom on Facebook and call it a day. She answers your dumb phone calls about your landlord, and also she birthed you. So be cool and buy her a present.

Any other good gift ideas I missed? Leave them in the comments!


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