Namaste, Sweaty Palms

I have had sweaty palms for my entire life.

Whenever I’m about to shake someone’s hand, I immediately start thinking about how sweaty my hand might be– and my hands proceed to sweat more.

Every standardized test I ever completed was smeared with sweat, warping the paper underneath bubble sheets. I’m sure they didn’t fit smoothly into the scan-tron. Actually, I know they didn’t because I have been asked to re-bubble my answers on a clean, flat sheet. 

I’ve tried pretty much everything to get dry hands short of nerve-snipping surgery: beta blockers, botox in my hands (I do NOT recommend this if you are pain-averse), hand deodorant, some weird electrode contraption– my hands remain faucets.

The point of all of this is: I know sweat. I’m not one of those girls who glistens during exercise and talks about how she’s “Sooooo sweaty!” after Barry’s Bootcamp. (If you are that girl, I respect the fact that you look like Gigi Hadid after working out– but as someone who leaves that same class looking like a drowned rat, I also resent you a little bit.) 

Having sweaty extremities used to make doing yoga a totally different kind of core workout: the kind where I mostly tried to stay upright/avoided sliding headfirst into the next row of down-dogs. It’s not at all enjoyable, and I used to not even go to yoga all because I knew how uncomfortable I’d be all class.

I can’t express what a relief it was to find a YogiToes Towel. This thing is a sweaty gal’s best friend. Finally, you’ll actually stick to your mat, enjoy what’s happening, and stop worrying about falling over! You’ll stop looking at the small lakes of sweat accumulating your mat and actually find your drishti! (Or you’ll just look at everyone else to see if they’re doing better than you, like I do!)

The best part about this towel is that it’s portable and can work with any mat– just throw it in your bag and you’re ready for anything. And the patterns are ah-mazing. Now that’s pretty and low maintenance!

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