New Wash: Goodbye to Shampoo Forever?

The PLM Report Card: New Wash

Pretty: A-

Grade Comment: Your hair will look great, assuming you have the right expectations! 

Low Maintenance: B

Grade Comment: A bit more of an involved process to wash your hair, but you won’t be doing it as often! 

One of my biggest beauty fails has to be the time  I tried to go without shampoo for the rest of my life.  (Read all about that epic disaster here!)

After all of the baking soda, apple cider vinegar, scritching, and boar-bristle brushing, I had decided that the no shampoo movement was best left to the professional hippies, van dwellers, and men with extremely short hair. I went back to my $4 drugstore shampoo happily, assuming I would never make another attempt to rid my shampoo of harsh detergents.

That was until I started seeing ads for New Wash. This 2-in-1 product, made by an ex Bumble and bumble guy, started showing up in my Instagram feeds. And while I was intrigued, I didn’t immediately try it. I’d been burned before by giving up shampoo, and I wasn’t eager to reenter the grease mop days. Also, nothing 2-in-1 in the history of the world has ever been effective. I don’t care what your boyfriend says about shampoo plus conditioner.

Then I started seeing reviews about it everywhere– New York Mag, Women’s Health, and several other bloggers were talking about it, too. So I figured I should try it out myself in the name of scientific exploration. As of this moment, I’ve been using New Wash for a little over two months– and here’s what I’ve learned:

This is the first 2-in-1 product that actually works. New Wash is like washing your hair with conditioner, which sounds strange but it’s actually really effective. I didn’t need any conditioner at all, and my hair wasn’t dry or tangled in the slightest.

New Wash will clean your hair, but you have to work for it. New Wash doesn’t lather, which takes some getting used to if you’ve been using traditional shampoos. You have to rub it vigorously into your scalp and rinse it out just as vigorously. There’s a bit of a learning curve here, but once you get the hang of it it’s not so bad and your hair will look and feel squeaky clean.

You’ll wash your hair less. The actual wash process is more involved with New Wash, but you’ll find yourself washing your hair fewer times per week. I normally would wash my hair every other day and need dry shampoo in between, whereas with New Wash I wash my hair every third or fourth day and need dry shampoo starting on day three.

You’ll realize how harsh your traditional shampoos and conditioners are. I went on vacation about two months into my New Wash experiment, and I didn’t bring it with me– it was then that I realized how harsh shampoos and conditioners really are on your hair. Traditional shampoos made my hair feel more raw and stripped, making a creamy conditioner necessary to smooth it over. I never really realized what was happening when I used traditional shampoos and conditioners, and using New Wash made me think about them a little differently.

The price is steep, but a little goes a long way. Each bottle is $40, which may give some of you sticker shock, but I’m still on my original bottle of shampoo that I bought over two months ago. And remember, this is shampoo and conditioner in one– so I’m not spending money on anything else hair-related.

No product can give you different hair. New Wash makes a lot of proclamations about its effectiveness, mainly that it will unleash this amazing hair that’s been buried by harsh detergents and chemicals. Often when people hear something like this they assume the new amazing hair they’ll have will be exactly like Connie Britton’s (at least that’s what I always think will happen) and the truth is that no product can do that for us. Yes, my hair had a bit more body, shine, and wave to it with New Wash than it did when I washed with a normal shampoo. But I do not have Connie Britton’s hair after using New Wash for a couple of months, and neither will you.  (Unless you already have Connie Britton hair, in which case keep doing whatever you’re doing! Also, tell me what you’re doing!)

Anyway, if you have the right expectations on a product like this, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it. What about you guys? Anyone else joined the New Wash cult?



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