One Notebook to Rule Them All

Anyone else a former Blue’s Clue’s watcher?

I loved watching that show when I was little.  I used to play along with Steve by taking down the clues we found in my own handy dandy notebook.

Chances are, you probably have a notebook that you use to keep track of things. Or maybe you rotate between seven or eight notebooks  because you can’t commit to using just one of them  consistently. 

I used to be a notebook philanderer myself until I found the Leuchtturm 1917 .  In my opinion, the Leuchtturm is more beautiful, more functional, and better-designed than the cult classic Moleskin. It has a gorgeous hardcover, two bookmark strings, a back storage pocket– and  it also has dotted pages on the inside.

I wasn’t so sure about dotted pages at first, but now I am a total convert


Dots mean you can organize your thoughts however you want.

T chart:



Or honestly, no organization at all!

If organization does not come naturally to you (it certainly doesn’t for me!) then it helps to have tools that are well-designed and functional to help you along. The price tag on these is a little steeper than your typical college-ruled notebook from Staples, but having a notebook you love means you’re more likely to use it. And less likely to keep buying new notebooks and disposing them half-used.

I think I’m officially a notebook monogamist.

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