Six Surprising Uses for White Vinegar (Besides Eating It!)

The Report Card: White Vinegar

Pretty: A 

Low Maintenance: A+ 

OK not to get hippie-dippy on you, but white vinegar is pretty much the only thing you need in life. Like, if you were stranded on a desert island, white vinegar would be one of the three things you’d take with you (in addition to wifi and probably coconut oil, if you’re a damn hippie!)

I learned about how to clean with white vinegar while living in Denver, the land of non-toxic cleaning. I liked using vinegar because it wasn’t as harsh as store-bought cleaners, but mostly I was broke and vinegar was way cheaper than Clorox.

Over time, though, I learned that white vinegar does way more than just dye easter eggs. There are literally hundreds of uses for white vinegar. I’ve pulled together some of the best, and (hopefully) lesser-known uses for vinegar so that you can put some of that leftover Easter juice to good use!

Cleaning Surfaces In Your Apartment: I still believe in the harsh stuff when it comes to cleaning a toilet bowl, but a diluted solution of white vinegar is great for hardwood floors, windows, and  general surface cleaning– plus,  it’s environmentally friendly. Pretty much all you need is water and vinegar (1:1 ratio works well, 1:2 ratio of water to vinegar for the tough stuff) and a spray bottle. If you don’t want your house smelling like a pickle, there are lots of hacks for making your vinegar solution smell way better. Personally, I don’t mind the smell so much, and I find it goes away after a little while.

Getting rid of salt stains on your shoes: Hopefully the climate hasn’t changed so much that we won’t have snow this year. But if we get snow, that also means we’ll get salt on the sidewalks. And that means salt stains all over your black leather shoes, which white vinegar will take right off.  Trust me, I did this all last winter on my nice black Frye boots with zero problem. Use a 2:1 ratio of water to vinegar on these, though, just to be safe.

Washing jeans: If you have some nice, dark-wash jeans, you’ve probably notice they bleed all over the place when you’re trying to hand-wash them in your bathtub. (Just me? OK.) Add a cup of white vinegar to the water, and preserve the dye in your denim.

Cleaning your coffee machine: Run a half cup of vinegar through your machine to clean it. That’s it!

Preserving flowers: A couple tablespoons of vinegar in the vase apparently keeps your flowers from dying faster than normal. I’m day 3 into this experiment, and so far so good!

Get rid of hiccups: Apparently downing a tablespoon of vinegar is the cure for hiccups. I have been praying for the hiccups so I could try this out before publishing this post, but the hiccup gods have forsaken me. Someone tell me if this works!

Anyone else using vinegar in creative ways? I’ve read about all kinds of other uses (cuticle conditioning, drain unclogging, water-ring removal) but I haven’t tried all of them yet! Tell me how they’ve gone for you!

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