The Best Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier vs. NARS

It’s exhausting trying to find the perfect something.

I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of leather sneakers for about a month. I’ve been scouring Zappos, 6PM, DSW, and all of the department stores. I’ve probably dedicated at least five hours of my life to this pursuit of footwear perfection. Recently, I found a brand that looked promising, ordered the biggest size they offered, and, in a cruel twist of fate, they were too small. (I have enormous feet. A tennis instructor once compared them to snow skis.) Not to be deterred, I ordered the shoes in the men’s size, and guess what? Too big. I have about 5 pairs of this brand sitting on my credit card now as I await–hopefully– the perfect size arriving in just a couple of days. I am the Goldilocks of footwear. Or perhaps I am the Sasquatch. Either way, I hope I am on the way to fairy-tale-level perfection.

When it comes to finding the perfect tinted moisturizer, Laura Mercier* has held the crown for many years. (If you aren’t using tinted moisturizer, USE IT! It has SPF and makes your skin look pretty without looking too makeup-y. Win-win! Pretty low maintenance!) I’ve been using Laura Mercier by default for years because I was told it was the best, and let’s be honest– after all the hours I’ve been spending on just finding sneakers, I clearly don’t have time to evaluate tinted moisturizer.

…Or do I?

Being the extreme comparison shopper that I am, my eye has been wandering a bit in the makeup department, so I’ve been trying some new products on the side. And I think I have a very controversial opinion to offer: I don’t think Laura Mercier is the best thing around. (Don’t say this blog never offered you anything in the way of provocative thinking!)

To put it bluntly: I’m breaking up with Laura for NARS*.

My initial dissatisfaction with Laura Mercier began when I started feeling like it really wasn’t doing much. I’d put it on, it looked good for about 4 hours, and by the end of the day it was like nothing had happened. After a few weeks with NARS, I was ready to crown a new tinted moisturizer queen. Here are the points (and counterpoints!) for making the switch:

Why NARS over Laura Mercier: 

-More product: NARS has 1.9 oz. to Laura Mercier’s 1.7 oz. per bottle. This may not seem like much, but neither of these products are cheap, so makes sense to get the most bang for your buck.

-More SPF: NARS has SPF 30 vs. Laura Mercier’s SPF 20.

-Better coverage and staying power: I put this on and my skin still looked great after 12 hours and a cross-country flight.

-The glow factor:  NARS makes your skin look a bit more youthful and hydrated than Laura Mercier.

Why Laura Mercier over NARS: 

-You might feel NARS is a little too makeup-y compared to Laura Mercier, and if you really, really hate the feel of even a hint of makeup,  I’d stay with the classic. But keep in mind that NARS looks better for longer, and that’s the tradeoff you’re making.

-NARS is $1 more than Laura Mercier at Sephora.

-It’s the incumbent and you’re just trying to stick with a classic.

Anyone else dared to break up with Laura Mercier? What did you end up with?

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