Three Things To Let Go Of This Week

Happy Tuesday, friends. Yesterday was the Met Gala in NYC, so I saw a bunch of gorgeous celebrities leaving The Mark hotel on my way back from a run in Central Park. They looked beautiful and I had a couple of dead gnats on my face from my run– I realized this while watching Karlie Kloss being whisked away in a pedi cab. I’d say that about covers how things have been going for me so far this week.  How’s it going for you?

If you’re also having a dead-gnat week, here are three things you and I can let go of to be a little more sane in the days ahead. The last one includes a special offer on Glossier just for you!

  1. Pretending Like You Understand Coachella (Or Any Other Music Festival): With warmer weather comes an onslaught of music festivals, and the idea of “The Festival”  has seeped its way into our culture over the past five years or so. (Example: Bloomingdale’s has an entire “Festival” shopping category now.  The clothes are actually very cute!) Your super-cool friends will attending music festivals and talking about the religious experiences they had, and if you are one of my super-cool friends, please proceed to #2. But it’s OK to be totally befuddled as to why anyone would pay hundreds (to thousands!) of dollars to wander around a field for a couple of days, listen to non-stop music without end, be constantly surrounded by hoards of sweaty people, and  have to rely on port-a-potties. We might be lame for not “getting it” (It’s about the music, maaaan!) but after the Fyre disaster I think a few more people will be be defecting from Festival Lyfe to join us lame-o’s. We may not get festivals, but we DO get a good night’s sleep. And we have guaranteed access to toilets!
  2. Finishing A Book You Don’t Like: There are two types of people in this world: people who stop reading books they hate, and people who suffer through books they hate until the bitter end. If you’re one of the book martyrs, I ask you: What, exactly, are you trying to win? No one will ever know if you never finished Anna Karenina, and actually admitting you never did makes you all the more likeable. Step away from the boring book.
  3. Paying Full-Price for Great Makeup: I’ve got a collab with Glossier that will give you 20% off your first order and free shipping over $30. If you’re stocking up on Boy Brow or you want to experience Lipstick Nirvana via Generation G for less, shop with me here and save. (Blooper video coming soon!)

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