Welcome to NYC: Our Haircuts are $300

Welcome to New York. Home of concrete jungles, dreams both dead and alive, The Cronut, and… the $300 haircut.

Now, before you go Googling the nearest Great Clips or bemoaning the simpler days of the $50 cut/color in your previous midwestern city, let us explain what makes the Manhattan haircut so distinctive, unprecedented, and worth every penny.

For one, thing, the water here is special– haven’t you heard about our bagels?! We wash your hair in the same “Champagne of tap water” that gives those bagels fluffiness and bounce.  It’ll  give that same lift to your hair. Just wait and see!

And our scissors. Don’t even get us started. Your barber was probably using some run-of-the-mill snippers, but our tools are hand-crafted by a hipster in Park Slope. He only uses recycled bottle caps from microbreweries as material. It’s true! He won’t even take Coronas! He comes by to sharpen scissors every week  in exchange for a free mustache trim, so you ask him yourself!

Our colorists have all been trained in oil painting at Parsons, so they have an eye for color that goes beyond the basic Clairol box crap that you’ve been accustomed to for far too long. They are true artists! They actually feel how the light  hits your hair and adjust the tone of your strands accordingly. Your hair color will be as nuanced a Monet hanging in the Met!

New York is home to style, so all of our stylists are on the cutting edge of what’s cool, hip, and trendy in the hair world. It doesn’t matter that our salon’s Instagram  shows hundreds of the exact same shoulder-length haircuts available in salons across America– this is the Manhattan version of that, OK? So it’s automatically better.

And if at the end of the day you walk out feeling like you’ve gotten ripped off by about $250, just remember: between your work schedule, crowded subways, and over-booked salons, you basically didn’t have a choice. Better to believe in the power of bagel water, Hipster Scisscorhands, and Parsons-approved colorists to make you oh-so-fabulous and New York chic–and not at all like every other haircut in America.


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